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July 10-15, 2022 - Lyon, France

It is our great pleasure to announce the opening of abstract submission for the 7th World Tribology Congress. This international event will be an opportunity to bring together a large scientific community, to promote international exchanges and collaborations on the current topics on tribology.

Please see the 1st Call for abstracts.

For more information visit the WTC 2022 website or send an email to .


3rd December 2021
Prof. Daniele Dini awarded 1st Peter Jost Tribology Award

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20th September 2021
Dr. Jim Greenwood awarded Tribology Gold Medal for 2021

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16th April 2021
ITC Letter of Condolences to Her Royal Majesty the Queen and the Royal family

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12th April 2021
Memorial Year 2021 – 100th birthday of the "Father of Tribology" Prof H. Peter JOST, 55th birthday of “Tribology”

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Jul 2022

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Global impact of tribology

  • 20% of world total energy consumption goes to overcome friciton
  • 18-40% of that can be saved by applying new technology, and that would correspond to 8.7% of global energy use and 1.4% of the global GNB
  • the biggest potential savings are in transportation and energy industry
  • 30% of the fuel consumption in an average passenger car goes to overcome fricition
  • 40% of the energy used in mineral mining is used for overcoming friction; friction and wear results in 970 million tonnes CO2 emissions in mineral mining annually corresponding to 2.7% of total world CO2 emissions
  • CO2 emissions are 4.5 times higher for an ICE passenger car compared to a similar battery electric car when electricity comes from renewable energy
  • Moving from fossil to renewable energy sources would cut down the energy losses due to friciton in energy production by more than 60%