Founding of ITC

  • ITC was founded 24th September, 1973 in London at the 5th meeting of the Main Organising Committee of the First European Tribology Congress
  • It was suggested to form an ”International Tribology Union” associated with the UN organisation UNESCO
  • However, it was decided to form a less formal organisation, the ”International Tribology Council” as an association of national tribology societies and groups
  • The Council’s interest is limited to scientific, technological and educational matters
  • Dr Peter Jost was unanimously elected first President of ITC and acted as President in 43 years until he passed away in 2016

ITC Founding Documents

Founding members of ITC

  • France,  Mr L. Le Blan
  • West Germany, Prof. Peeken
  • India, Prof. S.P Luthra
  • Japan, Mr. Toshio Sakurai
  • The Netherlands, Prof. H. Block
  • Norway, Dr. H. Christensen
  • Poland, Prof. M. Hebda
  • Sweden, Prof. B.F. Jacobsson
  • United Kingdom, Dr. W. Roberts
  • U.S.S.R., Prof. I.V. Kragelski
  • Yugoslavia, Prof. J. Vercon

Professor H Peter Jost CBE ITC Founder and President 1973-2016

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“In every generation a figure emerges who is to have a significant influence on everyday life. Very often, these individuals shun the limelight and remain anonymous in public but feted in their own world – one such person was Peter Jost” - Extract from John Moores University