Brazilian tribology created a National Research Centre on Tribology focused on the energy transition

date: 25.08.2023

A significant achievement by the Brazilian tribology network (TriboBr) should substantially impact Brazil and climate change worldwide.

The network recently approved the creation of a National Research Institute called Green Tribology Towards the Energy Transition CT Trib. The initiative received an initial fund of around US$ 1.5 million from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), giving a new perspective for tribology research in Brazil. It is coordinated by Prof. Henara Costa (Furg), Prof. Roberto Souza from (USP), Prof. José Daniel Biasoli de Mello (UFU), Prof. Cristiano Binder (UFSC), Prof. Giuseppe Pintaude (UTFPR), Prof. Cherlio Scandian (UFES) and Prof. Salete Martins Alves (UFRN). It is an integrated and multidisciplinary national network that uses tribology as a tool to contribute to the solution of the enormous challenges associated with the energy transition. This national network had the support of several companies that identified the theme as fundamental for its development: Bosch, FPT, Aker, Tupy, Vale, ITV, HEF, Balzers, Carbogás, Bruning, Aperam, ArcelorMittal, CERNE, Stihl, and Additive. This knowledge generation ecosystem encompasses the most eminent groups of tribology, from the extreme south to the northeast of the country, bringing together researchers in tribology, materials science, physics, chemistry, biochemistry and the environment to foster strong interaction with the productive sector.





CT Trib will be responsible for developing new solutions in lubricants, materials and surface engineering for the mobility and energy of the future. It is proposed to identify and act on the main tribological challenges arising from current technologies, which will guide research for the tribological optimization of new sustainable solutions. CT Trib focuses on clean energy generation (wind, hydroelectric, thermochemical generators, electric cars, clean fuels, efuels, fuel cells, etc.), on the tribology of the components involved, on proposing tribological solutions and on the environmental impact of these technologies. CT Trib is also responsible for organizing workshops with the industrial sector and scientific events to bring together world renowned experts in tribology research and application to discuss the role of tribology in the energy transition. The first event organized by CT Trib is the 4th TriboBr Conference, in Vitoria, Brazil, between the 26th and 29th of November 2023. CT Trib should also have a fundamental role in supporting and help the organization of the next World Tribology Conference in Rio in 2026.