Dr Robert Ian Taylor awarded Tribology Silver Medal 2020

date: 19.11.2020

Dr Ian Taylor has been awarded the Tribology Silver Medal in recognition of his exceptionally meritorious contribution to the science and technology of tribology.

While working at Shell Research Dr Taylor has developed simulation models for a wide range of engine components including piston-rings, journal bearings and valve train in order to study their efficiency and power delivery in passenger car engines and F1 motorsport. Dr Taylor is a Fellow of STLE and has held a range of positions in the IET and IOP. He has recently been appointed as an Honorary Visiting Professor at the Jost Institute for Tribology at the University of Central Lancashire. More information at: https://www.imeche.org/careers-education/scholarships-and-awards/DGs/tribology/tribology-silver-medal/imeche-tribology-silver-medal-winners/tribology-silver-medal-2020